Maurice A. Green
Regional Scout: OH/VA/GA Area

Maurice A Greene coached Varsity and Junior Varsity boys and girls teams for various high schools from 2005 to 2012 in the state of Virginia. One of the schools, Thomas Jefferson High School, won the district title in 2011. Coach Moe also coached Stackhouse Elite AAU team, sponsored by Adidas, for the 14 U, 15 U and 17 U teams respectfully.

Coach Moe has trained notable professional athletes such as, Ben Wallace (Pistons), Demarre Carroll (Hawks & Raptors), Ed Davis (Grizzlies & Lakers), Junior Burroghs (Celtics), James Johnson (Bulls, Grizzlies, & Raptors), Shannon Brown (Lakers & Suns), & Brandon Ingram (Lakers). There have been numerous overseas professional training series with International players such as, Kendrick Warren (Korea & C.B.A.), Milton Bell (Argentina & Venezuela), Darius Hargrove (Romania), Chris Moss (China & Korea), & Wayne Wallace (Israel).