Youth from Boys & Girls Club Attending Safari Classic
Youth from Boys & Girls Club Attending Safari Classic


non-profit organization established by

Rod Lemons who is an American native

and former professional basketball player.

Lemons utilizes basketball as a "hook"

to bring awareness to ELITE athletes on

the benefits of using their platforms in

a positive manner to increase their quality

of life, as well as their respective families.

This will be achieved by outsourcing their

networks in collaboration with like minded

ELITE athletes on a global scale for the

purpose of networking various innovative

business ideas, resources, and experiences.

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established in February 2006 in Norwell,

Nottinghamshire, U.K..  This grassroots

  program was funded by U.K. government

funds to enhance the quality of basketball

across the U.K. as the host city of the 2012

Olympics in London, England.  Lincolnshire

Sports Partnership former CEO hired Rod

Lemons as a County Coach to build

basketball programs at Primary, Secondary

schools, and Sports Colleges throughout

the United Kingdom.  Lemons conducted

sports festivals and clinics at the William Farr

Church of England and Manchester University.

The basketball clinics at Manchester University

were level two certification clinics for physical

education teachers to begin basketball

instruction for students based on a government

mandate.  Rod Lemons successfully certified

over forty-two physical education teachers.

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Our Client Pledge

We treat each client as if they are

our first client.  We value the details

that are most important to them.

This approach keeps our staff engaged

and eager to meet the stated objectives

of each phase of all projects.  The goal

is to sustain positive project energy from

beginning to the end.  We consider our

clients as family.  Our effort equals your

convenience.  Your success is our goal

as a satisfied client of the BRIDGE family.


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