By Monica West

Revival Season

Revival Season is a story of spiritual awakening

and disillusionment in a Southern, black,

Evangelical community. Monica West’s

transporting coming-of-age novel explores

complicated family and what it means to live

among the community of the faithful.

By Reggie Hanson

10 Life Lessons Learned as a Student-Athlete

Former high-major Division I college and

professional basketball coach shares his personal

stories, insights, and photos to explain real-life

lessons learned as a student-athlete while playing

basketball at the University of Kentucky.

Featuring Aaron Jeter

Let Us Make a Man

Thirty-eight of our brothers have come together

to share wisdom earned through their experiences

to help guide, motivate, and inspire you to live a

life of significance, impact, and power.

By Anthony Reid

Keys 2 My Soul

I was a witness to my trip into darkness. This

collection of poetry will be my attempt to

document my journey in the mental and

emotional realm—from darkness to new hope.

Your darkest place may lead you to your greatest

blessings. The message is always keep fighting.

Musical Artist Credit: De La Soul

Song: Much More (Instrumental)

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